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It is not enough to only make disciples.  Fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ "go."  This may be the litmus test between those who are truly following Jesus and those who are not.  The church is not meant to become a "holy huddle."

Our vision as a church at the present moment is to engage our own people, equip them, so that they may edify one another.  But our vision extends beyond that.  We must also go and extend Christ's mission and ministry to  neighborhoods beyond our own, to other towns like Milford and Richlandtown, and to cities like Bethlehem, Allentown and Easton.  Ultimately, with other congregations of Christians both Anglican and non-Anglican, we must together reach the world for Jesus Christ.

Much of the Anglican world is divided more than it is united.  The reasons for the divisions are plentiful.  And each province, diocese and church has its own peculiarities that others have found offensive.  Since our initial split from the Episcopal Church, it has been assumed and desired that our growth would come about by drawing former Episcopalians into the fold of one group or another.  Admittedly, we have assumed such things ourselves.  It its best form, we have relied upon hope, that God would indeed bless our efforts as continuing Anglicans and not allow our numbers and influence to fail.  However, despite all good intentions and the real considerations of global demographics, this has not happened.

The true test of growth is whether or not any person or group can embrace its failures, as well as its successes, repent before Almighty God, and seek to follow Jesus once again. 

We are not a great church with large numbers in attendance.  We do not offer a "full-service" roster of ministries.  But we desire to follow Jesus. 

There are great needs within the town of Quakertown and times are tough for many Americans.  There are as many differences among Christians as there are Christians.  On matters in which we can agree, let us join together to be the "hands and feet" of Jesus Christ to our little town.  We believe our little church is a unique and important part of sharing Christ with our community.

We invite you to join with us and to dream with us.  God, "Whose property is always to have mercy," loves you and offers you the forgiveness of your sins by His cross.  If you desire to grow in your faith and enjoy life in a small Christian community, we invite you to join with us.  And if you attend another church in Quakertown, we are praying for you and for your church.   As St. John wrote,
"If we walk in the Light as He Himself is in the Light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus His Son cleanses us from all sin."

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Bringing Christ to our Neighborhood with a Timeless Faith in a Faithless Time
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