At The Church of the Incarnation, we minister to entire families.

Our church is Family-Based.  One of the unique things about our church is that we do not exclude children from our services.  We invite all ages to encounter Jesus Christ in our worship.  If a child should become a disruption, we believe it is the parent's role to remove the child for a time while others worship.  But for all other times, we invite you and your children into our services.  Children may play, eat Cheerios (please clean up the one that fall!), color or read quietly.  We also have many things for young eyes to see and hear during our services.  It is not unusual for a child of two or three to begin to memorize what goes on in our services and sing the songs they hear to Mom and Dad during the week.  Jesus said, "Suffer the little children to come unto Me and forbid them not."  We are doing our part to obey Jesus on this matter.

Beyond the services of the church, we believe men and women are equal in dignity, different by nature, yet complementary by God's design in the order of Creation.  We believe that men should strive for godly manhood, women for godly womanhood and that children are most perfectly taught within the community of their own homes.  This is where every child learns Christ first -- from Mom and Dad.  Every home, therefore, is a domestic church -- a little church within the church -- in which Christ may dwell by faith.
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