At the Church of the Incarnation, we teach men how to lead others and fulfill the mission.

Our church is missional.  Jesus gave us a mission: to make disciples of all nations. He also showed us how to do it: choose twelve men, take them to the cities and the country, live with them, pour your life into them, and turn them loose to love the world as He did.
  Men are leaving the church in great numbers.  This is due, in large part, to the fact that churches have given up trying to minister to them.  However, Jesus' model for ministry still stands. If a church seeks to challenge men, offer them opportunity for adventure, gives them a place where they can explore, struggle together, and take risks, then, ultimately, it will show men how to be successful in life.  Then the men of the church will not leave.  Instead, they will stay and become the sons, husbands, fathers and co-workers that God has created them to be.  The result will be the same as when Jesus first did it:  the world will be turned upside-down for the Good.
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